Feeding Program

In order for children to learn properly it is necessary for them to have some level of nutrition. ACTION Zambia strives to help give children proper nutrition in church-run schools.

AZ is currently involved in providing supplemental food to three church-run schools: Living Hope Community School, and Emmanuel Community School. These churches are also ones that AZ works with to provide training and curriculum for teachers. Through the AZ feeding program over 350 children are fed balanced meals three times a week. Since most of the children lack protein in their diet, AZ attempts to include cheap sources of protein in each meal. Recently, AZ has formed a relationship with a local farm which donates fresh vegetables to each of the schools. The churches are encouraged to assist with the expense of the feeding program and handle the logistics of preparing and distributing the food.

This ministry certainly is a way for churches to fulfill the biblical mandate to care for the poor and needy in their communities. It is a physical expression of the love of Christ which is taught in the Christian Education curriculum.